Already Gone

by Radiofix

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released September 28, 2017


all rights reserved



Radiofix Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Brightest Star
Calling out to the brightest star, you’re coming in too fast
It gets me high to see your face, however long your conscience lets you stay
You’re crashing down my darkest day; I’m giving you the key
It gets me high that you seal my fate; you can see it in my soul, and on my face
You came, you saw, you gave it all
The time has come, it’s time to take the fall
You came, you saw, you moved along (you walked on)
Calling out to the brightest star, left without a trace
It makes me cry I’m so alone now; everywhere I go I see your face
You shined a light on my darkest day; you left me with the key
It makes me sigh that it’s up to me now, I hope I have inside what it takes
Track Name: Bitter Explorer
Leave it up to you, to waste my time, I know you won’t lie awake at night
Leave it up to you to break me down, I know you know everything
You’re a bitter explorer lost at sea but we’re alive
This place is a horror by our own demise beaten and torn but we’re alive
Leave it up to me to push you around, I know you’ll give in
Leave it to me to break your heart, if you’d just let me in
And I know better than to leave you to your own device
You don’t know better than to cry
Track Name: Already Gone
Maybe you’d feel better, if you just get it off your chest
I thought I knew you better, I guess I did not know you best
I never tried to be anything other than, this empty hole that you see
But I’m already gone, and it takes me to places I’ve never been, but dreamt of
I’m already gone, it reminds me of places I never wished, I came from
Maybe if I climb this ladder, I’ll find my way out of the sea
Maybe if you read this letter, you’ll find out what you’ve done to me
Track Name: Weak Man
Young man with a radio, destined for a microphone, but he wouldn’t leave his basement floor
Old man with a magic spoon, would not leave his living room, though he could split the atom bomb
And I’ll bet you ten dollars the sun is gonna rise tomorrow
But you’re a weak weak man if you let her wait that long
Leave with this empty room, leave me with my dust and broom, I’m gonna be leaving soon
Didn’t mean to turn my back on you, just the only thing I could do, without cutting my own arms
Track Name: Tainted Crown
Do you ever wonder, why you frown
You ever squander those that you’ve lived without
Take the long road home, and then change your mind
I never liked you much, but I hate you now
And you know better, than to raise your brow
And I’ve seen better, than you tainted crown
I’ve seen a lot of me go, waiting for you to show, but you’re burning down my door
I just want you to know, you’re stuck on a road that goes to the end, and you’re lost again
Do you ever wonder, why you smile
Do you ever relegate those when you never walked their mile
Go on and throw your stone, if it eases your mind
As your kingdom falls, you cannot fault mine
Track Name: Way Outta Line
Better put a rope on me cause I’m way outta line beside myself
Find a place to hide, but don’t push me aside, I’m outta my mind
Feel like my thoughts escape me, anything goes, no way to go but down from here
You’ve got to see my eyes to understand me now
You’ve got see me now, to know that I’m alive
You’ve got to know me child, I think you just might be surprised
You’ve got to touch me to realize whats behind these battered eyes
Get my head together, best I can, with what I have to deal
Put my pride aside, see an eye for an eye, if it’s what I feel
Sometimes you’re beat so bad, you think you’re ahead, try your best to heal
Crawl as fast as you can till you can till you can walk again
Slept it off, now I’m awake, colors gone you’d hardly recognize my face
Track Name: Rest of Me
I’ve been hearing voices that I don’t know, and my face is heavy, my colors gone
I don’t know the man in front of me now, and everyone’s gone, and fear that my demons have won
You think you know what’s best for me, you think that your eyes are all I see
And I can’t let you take what’s left of me
I’ve been giving up a little more every day, guess my lights just burned out, my rope has frayed
No matter how hard you beg you can’t make people stay, and everyone’s gone
I scream at night but these demons won’t run
You think you know what’s best for me, you think that your right but you just can’t see
And I can’t let you get the best of me, can’t let you get the rest of me, I won’t let you get what’s left of me

I need to take some time, look for something I know I’ll find
I’ve been chasin it for so long, all my choices always wrong, don’t wanna fade until I’m gone
Track Name: Dead on the Vine
I don't wanna be alone
wanna feel like i belong
I wanna belong to someone
I wanna, hear the rain, feel the sun
I haven't felt this way till you were by my side
All my bitter tears, all my fears, dead on the vine
I don't wanna leave this home
Out there wandering all on my own
I wanna belong to someone
i wanna hear the rain, feel the sun
I haven't felt this way till you were by my side
All my bitter tears, all my fears, dead on the vine
All the ground in which you walk, all leads to paths that take me home
Every time you show a smile all my clouds disapear, and it's all alright
Track Name: This Misery
Shame and lack of desperation; I can see it on your face
Find a spark of inspiration; leave your mind, find your Way
Fight the wind all you want, it will just blow right by you
Or you can let it carry you away
Let the rain fall, I’ve been stuck in This misery, for so long
Let the change come, I’ve lost in this mystery, now I’m done
Left alone with my illusion; it’s ok, I can’t complain
You cannot fight what’s been proven, set in stone, set in place
You wander on, day by day, like you can’t hear these sirens,
So I’ve got nothing left to say
You carry on, in hopes the storm will calm
Fight the wind all you want, it will just blow right by you,
Or you can let it carry you away

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